The Deliveroo Bag Difference


Your Deliveroo delivery bag is on its second life and loving it!


Post Consumer Recycled Certified Paper

This bag is on its second life and loving it!


Readily accepted in the paper recycling stream once food residue is off.


Certified FSC® paper from responsibly managed forest and supply chain.


Beat plastic pollution by switching to plant-based packaging.

Certifications matter

Feel confident that you’re using packaging that puts the planet first with third-party certifications that guarantee our environmental claims are honest, accurate, and substantiated. The FSC® (License code FSC® C110879) MIX label ensures that the paper comes from a forest and supply chain that is being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem and benefits the lives of local people and workers. While the paper is made from 100% recycled content, the handle is made with new materials to maintain structural integrity. Great care has been taken to ensure that your dishes arrive at your destination just as they left your kitchen. Good for the environment, good for business.

Turn your spoils to soil

Your Deliveroo bag is both recyclable and compostable. Give your takeaway leftovers and Deliveroo compostable packaging a new life by turning it into nutrient-rich compost. Made from plant-derived sources and printed with food-safe, environmentally-friendly soy or water-based inks – they will be a welcome addition to your compost bin. Effortlessly divert this from landfill and close the loop on your packaging and food scraps. Join the circular economy and make the move towards zero waste. Change is in your hands.

Plastic-free & practical

Your Deliveroo bag is designed to be durable and distinctive to ensure that your food arrives both in style and in the state it left your kitchen. The bag can support up to 4kg and its large flat base keeps your food sitting flat throughout the journey. Easily assemble the bag from a flat starting position and efficiently pack your meals as the gusseted block bottom base keeps it freestanding. Learn how to pack your Deliveroo bag here.