Home Compostable Sugarcane Bowls

Sugarcane bagasse BioBowls are tree-free – made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp. Certified home compostable and carbon neutral. These containers are sturdy and versatile. Available in five sizes with matching lid options.
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390ml / 12oz White BioCane Bowl
470ml / 16oz White BioCane Bowl
800ml / 24oz White BioCane Bowl
940ml / 32oz White BioCane Bowl
1,180ml / 40oz White BioCane Bowl
800ml / 24oz Natural BioCane Bowl
940ml / 32oz Natural BioCane Bowl
1,180ml / 40oz Natural BioCane Bowl
800-1,180ml / 24-40oz PP Bowl Lid
800-1,180ml / 24-40oz PET Bowl Lid